I am a news junkie, and I have been following the antics of OJ Simpson for well over a decade. The original 1995 criminal trial was nothing short of a travesty of the justice system. But, of course you can also view it as living proof that if you have enough money you can buy yourself the desired result. Although as I recall, he wasn’t very willing to actually pay the eventual bill, and that was for his own lawyers!

The civil trial was a different story, he was found resoundingly guilty of the murders of his ex wife Nicole, and a young man Ron Goldman.

OJ has skated the law for years, but finally some satisfaction has been achieved. OJ sits in jail, and the years are against him, he is 61 years old, and he has to deal with a sentence that it somewhere between 9 and 33 years. Many might say, A death sentence.

So lets get to the meat and potatoes. I dragged in my good buddies from www.dbkp.com, for the interview. They are always fun to talk to, and this afternoon was no exception. Mondo and Ginn certainly added a lot to the discussion. I also suspect that Peter Haven found some new avenues to explore in his quest to extract money from OJ Simpson.

I may have been following the OJ Simpson story for over 13 years, and I while I do not class myself as an expert, I like to think that I am relatively up to date with it. How wrong I was!

Take a walk on the wild side and listen to this explosive interview.

Simon Barrett


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