For months we have suffered with Gas prices at the pump increasing on what seemed to be almost an hour by hour situation.

Everyone hated it, they could not afford to drive their cars, the prospect of energy costs for the Winter were bleak. It was the ‘end of the world’ as we knew it!

The news agencies today are talking about how “low” oil prices are, its down to $58 a barrel, and this apparently is potentialy going to cause economic disaster. I can only assume that these stories of ‘doom and gloom’ are written by a completely different set of authors than were writing in July and August.

I live in ‘The Oil Patch’ of Canada and am amazed at the comments I here about this ‘Oil’ glut that we are in.

If there is so much oil around, how come the prices are not dropping significantly at the pumps?

More news about the wonderful world of $58 a barrel oil can be read here.

Simon Barrett

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