Ohioans who believe in consumer choice, and that government should not meddle in the affairs of citizens, must vote NO on Issue 5.  This referendum seeks to overturn portions of HB 545, legislation that unreasonably caps short-term loan rates.

How unreasonable are the rates? They were designed to be so low that lenders who offer this life-saving credit product will be put out of business. That means that if you need a short-term cash advance, you will not be able to get one either in a storefront or online if the referendum passes.  That’s right.  

If you suddenly find yourself in need of $300 for car repairs, you will be forced to either ask a relative, friend, or employer for that loan.   Or you’ll have to bounce a check at a cost of at least $60.  A payday loan would only cost you $45. 

Who came up with this misguided, paternalistic legislation?  State Rep. Chris Widener, a pandering Republican who believed that by cracking down on a product that tens of thousands of Ohioans use annually, that he could score points with the electorate.  He vomited forth this abomination despite being an alleged “free market” advocate, which alone demonstrates the putrid depths he was willing to sink to in order to make himself look good. 

That’s why you must vote AGAINST Mr. Widener as he seeks to move over to the State Senate.  He doesn’t deserve to be in public office because he puts his own ego and vanity over the will of the people.  Over 30,000 letters were sent to the Capitol this past spring imploring the legislature not to pass HB 545.  

Did he listen?  No.  He threw those letters in the trash.  And as the greatest policy analysts and economists paraded before the Finance Committee to explain why HB 545 would harm Ohioans, Widener put his hands over his ears and shouted, “La la la. I cannot hear you”. His opponent, Roger Tackett, is a Vietnam war hero, purple heart recipient, and true public servant.  

This has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat.  This has to do with putting the right man in office.  That man is Tackett, whose record as Clark County Commissioner and in the Governor’s Office of Veterans Affairs demonstrates his commitment to the people. Then there’s the Prince of Lies, House Speaker John Husted, who is also trying to segue to representing Ohio’s 6th Senate District.  

Husted lied to the faces of payday loan operators, telling them that he would support their proposals for more consumer protection, if their bills had accountability provisions.  Lenders submitted exactly what he asked for…and he promptly threw them in the trash along with the citizenry’s 30,000 letters.  But his noxious behavior didn’t stop there.  Like Widener, he ignored the people — including small business owners — who testified that HB 545 would put 6,000 Ohioans out of a job during a recession and cause tens of millions of dollars of lost revenue to Ohio business.  

Is this a man Ohio wants in its legislative body?  NO.  You must vote for his opponent, John Doll.  He’s lived in the district for 30 years and served for 16 of them on the Centerville school board.  He’s in touch with what you — the person that matters — wants. 

To repeat: Vote NO on Issue 5.Vote Roger Tackett for 10th Senate DistrictVote John Doll for 6th Senate District 

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