I am a veteran of the armed forces. I have spent eight years serving my country. I watch like many others our fight in the war against Iraq. I am upset a the uncertainty of my fellow servicemen and servicewomen, who are there during the holidays. I know each and everyone of them would rather be home with their love ones. I ask why everyday are we involved in this holy war. I watch the news and read your paper daily hoping to get my questions answered. I am amazed at my neighbors who are still for this war. I wish I can understand this. I spent time in the military, I know what these men and women are face with. The thought of never coming home changes a person forever. Their innocence is gone. I think of their return and the problems they will face each day as I have. I feel for each one of our soldiers and pray for them. I listen to our leaders and the views they express every time a microphone is close by. I am confused about our Commander in Chief, whom refuse to listen to his own country, whom is largely opposed to this war. I was under the impression that he represent the United States and what we believe in. I am afraid that this past election we got it wrong. I believe our country was so afraid of the moral future that we slip and put someone in back in office that is not prepared for the task that lay ed ahead. The State of Ohio was critical is this and for some reason we as a state failed. I personal, take responsibility for that, even though I didn’t vote for our current president. Also I didn’t get out there to help Ohioans understand the importance of our choice. As a veteran I should of recognize what was going to happen with a little more clarity and understanding. I apologize to everyone in Ohio and I hope they will forgive me. We live and die for the choices we make, but is it fair for someone else to die instead. I would change places with anyone overseas so they can spend time with their family. I hope it is not to late to finally take a stand as my family has since 1741 when they arrived to this great country. I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and for the people who wants to give a gift to our servicemen and women, give them a job. They deserve it, don’t wait until they come back and go to college. This is our college and we have graduated. Military personal can be trained to do any job out there. I am not talking about your neighbor restaurant and bars. I am taking about the corporate world. We make you feel safe and secure when we serve our country. All we ask, is for you to open your door and let us work for you. We all dream about that job where we can look forward to advancement and security a decent job gives. Think about that please, who would you want a person who had their parents paid to keep their child in school or someone who volunteer to protect the country you feel so safe in.

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