Difference in Turnouts for Biden and Palin Interesting
Ohio Claimed to Now Be Obama Blue

Ohio is considered one the key battleground states in the upcoming 2008 Presidential election. While the polls are predicting Obama is ahead of McCain in Ohio, the low numbers of supporters at recent Ohio Biden rallies tell a different story: Sarah Palin garnered “thousands” to Biden’s “hundreds” in the same city, three days apart.

The MSM isn’t reporting the actual number of supporters who show up to hear Biden speak.

Sarah Palin: Thousands Chant “Coal!” at Palin Stop in Ohio

Joe Biden’s been on a two-day swing trip through the battleground state of Ohio. DBKP has been curious as to the actual number of voters who’ve shown up to listen to Biden so we took a look at the “numbers” and found some interesting results:

*The MSM hasn’t been reporting the actual number of voters at these events, instead, they’ve relied on “polls”.

*In some cases, far fewer voters are turning up a Biden events versus those who come to hear Sarah Palin speak.

Is it the size of the crowd that counts?

During the course of our research we looked at news reports from the MSM and found them “lacking” in the area of reporting the number of voters who showed up to hear Biden speak.

Yesterday DBKP noted that 1,000 had shown up in Warren, Ohio, to hear Biden and that, according to the MSM, those voters consisted of “high school students” and “union workers”.

On Sunday, Palin spoke to a crowd of supporters that was estimated to be close to 20,000 in St. Clairsville, Ohio, a city just a few miles from the border of West Virginia. Biden showed up on Tuesday and spoke at a location less than two miles from Palin’s rally on Sunday, according to a local news source, the number of supporters who showed up for Biden: in the “hundreds”.

The AP reported on the Palin rally in St. Clairsville omitting the number of supporters, which was estimated at close to 20,000, instead they chose to continue the meme that Palin’s stump speeches are inciting “hatred” among supporters:

“McCain and his running mate have toned down their attacks on rival Barack Obama. Last Monday, Palin said Obama was “palling around with terrorists.” On Friday, after voters at campaign rallies shouted “terrorist” and “off with his head” toward the stage, McCain called Obama “a decent, family man” whom public shouldn’t fear and cut off a woman who called him an Arab.

On Sunday, one man shouted out “Obama loves terrorists” as Palin talked about “the bad guys.”

Biden spoke today in Lancaster, Ohio. DBKP found where the AP reported on the rally in Lancaster as well as one in Newark, but omitted the actual number of supporters in attendance. We found a source from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette where the event was “live blogged”. Again, no actual numbers mentioned but the remarks from posters were “telling”:

Hi there! Morgan Day here with the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette. We’re about one hour away from the Sen. Joe Biden speech here at the Lancaster Campus of Ohio University.

They didn’t close down any roads for this speech today. I got that info from Lancaster police, who are out there right now working with the Secret Service to make sure things go smoothly.

1:30 Lancaster Police Chief Dave Bailey said the Secret Service didn’t even reveal how Biden’s motorcade was getting through town. If it travels the same route as I did today, Biden might see campaign signs that are … well, not in his favor.

1:33 For every one Obama-Biden campaign sign, I counted five McCain-Palin signs. One gentlemen right beside me, while talking on his cell phone, just said the whole campus would be filled if Sarah Palin made her way to Lancaster. Your take?

How’s the turnout been for other Joe Biden appearances in the Buckeye State? How’s the turnout been for Sarah Palin?

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by Mondoreb/LBG
Source: Biden: Low Number of Supporters at Recent Ohio Biden Rallies

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