One of our readers sent me a link last night about a mother desperately in need of help from the public to try and prevent a man from being released from jail on parole. It hit my heart because I know from personal experience how hard it is to fight  a parole board to keep them from releasing a cold blooded murderer but my battle was lost because I didn’t have enough people backing my pleas even though we had a lot of family members behind me.

So I have decided to write this article to help out in hopes you will help. It won’t cost you anything except for the cost of a stamp and it could give you a sense of satisfaction to know at least you tried.

In August of 1979 a baby just three months shy of her very first birthday was raped and beaten by a man named Christopher Cooper. Little Monica Williams laid in her hospital bed for five days fighting for her life because her little heart was strong and her mother says she was a fighter for sure. Poor little Monica lost the battle for her life on August 21, 1979.

Monica’s mother, Becky Potter of Findlay, Ohio said, “I need to keep him in prison for this. There is no excuse, no excuse, and as long as I’m able to walk and my jaw is able to flap you will hear from me.”

“She never had a chance to be a cheerleader graduate from high school, or go on to college,” she continued. “It’s very tough. All you have to do is look at the picture and see she was going to be a good girl.”

Becky honestly thinks if this man is set free back into society, everyone will be in danger. The family is saying the best way to stop him from being released on parole would be for everyone they can find to write a letter to the parole board requesting he stay in prison and away from children.

“He’s murdered once an infant,” says Monica’s uncle, Michael Saum. “If you can find an infant worthy of lusting over and the things he’s done to her, there is no excuse in it you can’t rehabilitate someone like that.”

If you want to help the fight to keep this man in prison please send a letter to

Ohio Board of Parole, Office of Victim Services
770 W. Broad St.
Ohio 43222

You are asked to include the convicted killer’s name which is Christopher Cooper as well as his inmate number which is A158707.  Each letter counts as one request no matter how many signatures you have on it. They say that all letters need to be signed, dated and include a return address on the envelope by December 1, 2009.

There are a lot of caring people out there and we here at BNN have a lot of them here also so I hope you will help in this. When I was going through a battle similar I wish I had the help I am praying Becky will get in this. This man should never have his freedom again.

God Bless You All! My prayers are with Becky and her family. It may be 30 years later but as a mother I can understand that she will carry this in her heart forever and I don’t blame her one bit for fighting with everything she has to keep this man in prison. Good luck Becky, I hope we can help.

Jan Barrett

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