Now if only all missing children reports could end like this. I would much rather see one come to an end when the child is found like this one, when the child in question is found and was never in any danger at all. It is always a relief to hear about an abducted child found safe but there is that risk of the trauma the whole ordeal could have on the child as he/she grows up. I doubt so in this case. If anything this little boy can grow up telling a happy ending to his story and they could even probably laugh at it now.

Although for several hours it was far from funny to Samara Smith, who is the boy’s mother and her family family. On June 16 in South Toledo, Ohio 7 year old Matthew Henderson was reported missing. Samara Smith told police her son took out the garbage around midnight while she was taking her bath and she never saw him anymore that night. An Amber Alert was issued about 5:00 the next morning. Matthew was described as 7 years old black male last seen wearing blue jeans, a jean jacket, a blue school uniform shirt and blue sandals.

Samara Smith gave the description of a black man that she believed could have taken her son.

The neighborhood erupted in an alert worrying everyone. One neighbor, Daniel McGovern said, “It’s a scary though that they can’t go in their own yard and play or walk to the neighbor’s house without somebody coming in and taking them.”

Detectives searched the neighborhood asking questions and finally they came back and decided to search the house again. That is when the police found the boy under a bed sleeping. When asked didn’t he hear any of the commotion going on, he just shook his head no, while still being groggy from trying to wake up. The Amber Alert was then cancelled.

Matthews’s mother had tears in her eyes as she said this was the first time she had seen her son in about 12 hours. She looked at her son crying saying, “Baby you scared me half to death.”

Toledo Police say they are investigating into this further to figure out how come he hadn’t been found before while searching the home. They want to know if someone just overlooked the boy.

As for the family, they are just happy that he has been found and he is just fine. His aunt, Sirena Campbell said she had been up all night looking for her nephew that she was exhausted. She stated that now she could go get some rest.

Well as frightening as it was for the family in this case, if only it could end this way in so many other missing children case. I am happy that Matthew was found safe and that his family can rest now. I guess he was one sleepy little boy.

Jan Barrett

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