ABC Family has a jam-packed summer line up and one of the newbie’s on the schedule is a show called Pretty Little Liars based on the books by Sara Shephard. This centers around four girls in a town called Rosewood who have a friend, Alison, who disappears and eventually winds up dead. The night of the disappearance the five friends are camping out in a barn. The next morning, four of the friends wake up to find their friend gone. Fast-forward to a year later and we are in present day. It is during this period when Alison’s body turns up and her disappearance becomes a murder case. The remaining four girls start receiving texts from someone going by the name of “A”.

Hannah is the former “wannabe” who is now considered “hot.” Her parents are divorced and she finds herself in much legal trouble such as stealing sunglasses from the mall and destroying her boyfriend’s car. Her mother is involved with the man who is investigating Alison’s murder. Aria and her family have recently moved back to Rosewood from Iceland and she is harboring a secret about her father having an affair with a colleague. At the same time, Aria is sneaking around with her own teacher. Emily is a sweet girl who is confused about her own sexuality and afraid for anyone to know about it. She has befriended the new girl Maya who has moved into Alison’s old home. Spencer is an overachiever that has a bad relationship with her sister. Her sister’s fiancé has an interest in her and Melissa, Spencer’s sister caught them kissing and broke up with him. Then we have Alison who we see in flashbacks. She seems to be the leader that knows all about the girls. Also, she was the Queen Bee of the group and had a domineering personality. We see her and Aria brush off a girl who wants to be their friend but Alison considers her a loser. Also, Alison catches a boy, Toby Cavanaugh, spying on the group through the bedroom window and seeks revenge. A result of this is setting his home on fire by throwing a firecracker. Also, this incident leaves his stepsister Jenna blind. As to who “A” is, that is a mystery. However, A seems to know every secret and is stalking the four girls.

It is interesting to see the four girls function without their Queen Bee. Now that Alison is gone and the four have come back together after her death, we see them trying to stay a step ahead of A. Always they look over their shoulders wondering who A is and why they seem to know everything about them. It is interesting that without Alison, they are left having to make decisions on their own. They seem lost in many ways. There is no leader to follow and this often happens with those who are use to following someone. It is important to stop the Queen Bee cliques so girls can learn to think on their own. It is evident that these do not have these skills. Please, talk to your tweens and teens about having minds of their own and making decisions for themselves. Our country encourages women to be strong and this right here is a first step in the right direction. This is certainly something to consider.

Elizabeth Bennett is the author of Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying from a Psychological Perspective and also The Clique Summer Series. She is also the Social Justice Guru fighting for justice for those who are abused by their peers.

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