After an international outcry protesting the fact that a Saudi woman raped had been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail, the Saudis now say she has “admitted” having an affair, and was therefore guilty of adultery.
Oh, that’s different. Women in most civilized countries are gang raped, jailed, and lashed for adultery. (sarcasm).

Hence, everyone who thinks women deserve to be gang raped, lashed, and jailed for being raped need to shut up.

She was originally charged with sitting in a car with an unrelated male, but after an international outcry she suddenly decided to confess to a more serious charge, adultery. How convenient. Adultery is a major crime in Saudi, and of course the fact that the woman was jailed doesn’t mean she might have been tortured pressured, to admit of this more serious “crime”.

At the same time, her lawyer, who publicized the case in the international media, has been removed from the case by the government, and is facing disciplinary actions, even though the court’s harsh sentence goes against the recent attempt of the Saudi king to liberalize laws that punish women for minor sexual offenses.

Ironically, in the article, it mentions that her alleged boyfriend was also raped.

They were meeting so that the recently married woman could retrieve innocent photographs of herself from the man; he may or may not have been trying to blackmail her at the time of the attack.  It should be noted that honor killings by relatives of unmarried girls suspected of violating their virginity is not rare in the Middle East and she may have been acting to forestall such a private punishment by her relatives. (I should note that such killings rarely occur in Indonesia or other non Arab Muslim countries).

Yet, Since homosexual sodomy is a crime that can be punished with the death
penalty in Saudi Arabia, one wonders why the men involved in the fiasco were only given only two to five years in jail. (some reports say the courts have increased their sentences, which are now for two to nine years in jail, due to the international outcry).

Andrew Sullivan call your office…the Christianists are not the real problem…


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