Oh no, not another 14,289 German models again

Oh doch (oh yes). Heidi Klum has made good her threat and will be televising her search for “Germany’s Next Topmodel” again. This year’s batch will begin marching up and down the catwalks on March 1. At 20:15. On ProSieben. And thanks but no, I’ve already bought the popcorn.

No, no. Don’t get me wrong. It is not as if I would be interested in looking at 14,289 potential super models or anything (especially since I know good and damn well that these ProSieben punks will only show you a few handfuls of them tops, even though they make such a big deal about having so many of them and all and no, no, no, it’s not like we’re tying to titillate you sorry couch potatoes or anything), it’s just that Heidi says: “Our goal this time will be to spend even more time behind the fashion world stage and get an even closer look.”

Umm, a closer look at what? Talk about titillation. No matter, I am finally beyond all this gorgeous German model stuff. I think it’s time for German reality TV to branch out a little for once already. How about a show like “Germany’s Most Aggressive Driver” or “Germany’s Youngest Early Retiree”? Dumb question. 14,289 top models is a whole lot, but it’s still a number you can still handle.

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