According to a recent report officials have managed to get asbestos that was found to be present at a courthouse under control using standard practices and procedures. The asbestos was discovered in some of the rooms at the Palm Springs County Courthouse in California, and officials have stated that the affected rooms have been sealed off.
Signs have been put up in multiple languages to warn visitors of the dangers, and hazard barriers have also been placed around the entrances to the rooms along with plastic sheeting to ensure that people do not go into the affected areas of the courthouse.
An official involved in the abatement process said that there was no safety risk providing the proper precautions and procedures were put into place to protect against exposure, which is what has been done. The courthouse is exercising additional caution in order to avoid any lawsuits that could stem from the asbestos presence.
An asbestos consultant added that providing a certified asbestos firm is being used for the abatement process at the courthouse there should be no safety links in relation to removal and control of the asbestos.

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