The renovation of office space at a school building has been delayed as a result of asbestos, which was discovered by renovation crews that were working on the building. The office space was being renovated for guidance counsellors to work from at the Thornton Fractional High School.

The asbestos is said to have been discovered at TF South according to Superintendent Creg Williams. A wall was being knocked down as part of the renovations for the offices, and this is when the asbestos was discovered by the renovation crews.

Williams also said that there was not real surprise to find that asbestos was present, as the building was constructed over fifty years ago, when asbestos was commonplace for use in the construction and building of public places such as schools.

He stated: “It is not uncommon to find it in buildings of this age. As long as it is not active, it does not cause a problem.” He also said that the work would now cost around sixteen thousand dollars more than originally thought, and delays are expected to last around two weeks.

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