eWeek.com has a handy dandy page that tells 10 Office Holiday Party Landmines to Avoid. The last thing anyone needs is to have a celebration turn into a personal disaster. All of the things on the list are really common sense but it is a good thing to nudge memories on occasion. Especially when it might affect one’s job or pocketbook.

The slide show that eWeek presents on the link above goes rather quickly so you might want to pause the pages with the button below the cartoons. Unless you are a speed reader.

The suggestions start off with: Don’t blow it off. – Either show up or have a good excuse about why you are otherwise engaged. You may risk offending the exact people you want to impress and subtly convince to advance your income bracket. – Quite often I find myself dreading going to holiday parties and then enjoying myself after I get there.

Don’t ‘not know’ who you are talking to. – You don’t want to ask the fat lady when the baby is due and then discover a: She is not pregnant and b: She is the bosses wife.

Don’t get plastered and tell the boss how you really, really feel. – If you know you can’t have more than two drinks without singing show tunes or slandering your workplace, for the love of God, please don’t have three. – Exercise a bit of self control. This should apply to the food too. AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES DON’T BREAK YOUR AA RECORD OF 3 MONTHS CLEAN AND SOBER FOR ANY REASON YOUR BRAIN MIGHT TELL YOU!!!


Other suggestions include, Don’t just talk shop. Loosen up. Dress properly (there might be pictures taken ) . Don’t bring guests unless told it’s ok. Mingle with people you don’t hang around with at lunch. If you screw up apologise (without excuses or blame) right away. And last but not least, Remember your manners.

It sounds like stuff out of, ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN but as stated at the start of this posting, it is a good thing to remind ourselves of things like this lest we forget and suffer the consequences.

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