In part 1 I explained the problem, my fingers do not play well with Wheel Mice.

Inevitably one of the errant critters will arrive on the scroll wheel, this would be fine, but for one small issue, some idiot decided that the wheel should have a ‘click’ function as well. The reason for the ‘click’ is long lost in the annuls of Mouse history. The exact function of the ‘click’ is unknown to me, but it almost always seems to result in closing the window that is active. This is most annoying particularly when composing documents.

It is not everyday that I praise Microsoft, but when it comes to the ‘Mouse’ they really knew their stuff.

This was $25 of perfection. Alas all good things must come to an end, and Mice became more and more Intelligent stupid. The dreaded Wheel was added, then some additional buttons.

It made me wish for someone to convert the original Apple ‘One Button’ Mouse to the PC.


At the other end of the scale was the 40 button mouse.

I had assumed that my mouse problems were over. Jan was whining that her mouse was broke, the wheel no longer worked. So I suggested we trade, I’d take her broken mouse and Dell keyboard and give her my wireless mouse and keyboard.

My main computer is a Laptop and the keyboard and mouse are only used when I am outside, inside I use the Laptops keyboard and track pad. I am in two minds about Wired vs Wireless. Wired means never needing AAA batteries in the middle of the night, but with a laptop it doesn’t matter the built in keyboard and track pad can be used. The downside with wired I just that, the stinking wires! Also the wired solution take two USB ports rather than one, but in my world I could care less. I have plenty of USB ports and a 4 port hub if I run out.

Back to the plot, I assumed that my mouse woes were over, not so. The wheel does not function, but the click is still working. I do have a plan, a cunning plan!

For Christmas I was given a rather ‘spanky’ multitool, it is still in the ‘adult’ proof packaging, you know, the sort that takes a chainsaw to open. A child could open it in 10 seconds, but for us hapless adults, particularly ones like me with a broken fine motor skill problem, it will be an hours long adventure.

The plan is to use the Multitool to perform some ‘brain surgery’ on the damn mouse and disable the stupid wheel click once and for all. For the sake of posterity I will be photographing the entire operation so that anyone else that finds themselves with the same problem will have a guide to follow.

I put the odds of success at 50/50, the good news is that Mice are cheap.

Research shows the basic innards of a digital rodent look like this.

Item #4 is the target of my affection. Until I get inside I won’t know the exact make-up of this mouse, but I am hoping that the simple solution is a ‘wheeldectomy’. A complete removal of the stinking thing, with no Wheel there will be no way to trigger the dreaded click.

To be continued

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