A new study has found that cars driven by obese drivers consume more fuel than the ones driven by their slimmer counterparts. This study, which would appear in the journal ‘Engineering Economist’, says that United States is using about a billion gallon more fuel every year than it would have, if drivers weighed the same as they did in 1960’s. The study found that adults are 24 pounds (52 Kgs.) heavier today, than they were used to some four decades ago. Obesity increases the risk factor for a host of health conditions and is considered to be a serious health problem, around the globe.

Professor Sheldon Jacobson from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, who studied the recent petrol prices in United States, has found that 2.2 billion dollars are additionally spent on petrol each year in US, because of obese drivers. He said that his findings suggest that there is a relationship between the obesity epidemic and consumption of fuel. The average person’s weight has been increasing ever since the Second World War in United States, but the rate of increase has accelerated substantially in the last two decades, making ‘obesity’ a major public health concern.

Professor Jacobson said that people can save enough fuel to run 1.7 million vehicles for an entire year, it they could trim down their weight to that of their 1960’s counterparts.

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