It was surprising that the US Presidential candidate is reported to have expressed support for Kashmiri separatists who are in the forefront of terrorism in India.

The Kashmiri terrorists have grabbed the support with both hands.

While the Indian Government is downplaying the issue stating that it is a pre-election rhetoric, it is a matter which the Indian nationalists cannot ignore. If it is an election rhetoric, then it brings out the dishonest nature of Mr Obama.

If not, it brings out an attitutde of trading of terrorism in Afghanisthan with terrorism in India. This is completely unacceptable. It goes against the current tough stand US has been taking against terrorism. The Obama stand appears more like the stand of politicians in India when they play one community against the other or one state’s interest on another just to protect their chair.

This may also indicate the inexperience of Mr Obama in handling sensitive international third world polices since it has already created a doubt in the minds of Indian public if he can be trusted with India’s own national interests.

We hope that Mr Obama will appreciate that India considers Kashmir, the land of Kalidasa as an integral part of India and any tilt of US towards Paksitan’s stand will change the trust equations between US and India.

The Indian Community in US should raise their voice on such political expediency.

We look forward to a suitable clarification from Mr Obama.

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