In Psychiatry, there used to be something called a Rorschach test.. where they show you ink blots and ask you what they look like.

The idea is that one would “project” one’s ideas and worries into the object, and you could get an idea what was on their mind.

Sort of the equivalent in religious people seeing Jesus in burnt toast or pacifists seeing phallic symbols in guns and weapons.

So now some right wing blogs (with tongue in cheek) are pointing out that the papsmearredesign of the Missile Defense Agency logo

has a strange resemblance to Obama’s ever present symbol of a new dawn for America:obmamama

Heh…is that “O” in the new design a subliminal way to remind one of Obama?

On the other hand, those who really are into Obamaphobia are pointing out the MDA  logo has a strange resemblance to the crescent and star that symbolize Islam, and that the logo has a strange resemblance to the design of the Iranian Space Agency (PHOTO LINK).

So both sites have oodles of angry Islamophobes wondering about the symbolic meaning behind the new design.

Time out, fellahs. Sometimes a design is just a design.

On the other hand, as a physician who has done thousands of pap smears during my career, when I saw the MDA design, something different came to my mind…

So, I have a serious question:

Is the new logo

1) A symbol of President Obama’s greatness

2) the Islamification  of our space industry


3) a diagram of how to find the G Spot?


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She blogs at Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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