U.S Senator Barack Obama’s speech on Sunday has already found its mark with Australian prime minister John Howard criticizing his appeal to pull American troops out of Iraq by March 2008.

Some of the comments made by Howard was clearly a reflection of increasing resentment against Bush, both in the US and internationally.

Even Tony Blair, widely regarded as Bush’s “yes man” was silent on the prospect of an American withdrawal even before preliminary arrangements could be made to stop Iraq from slipping into a civil war.

Particularly Howard’s comment about terrorists praying that Democrats win the 2008 election was soundly criticized by his opponent Labour Party, which believes that Howard broke the rule of non-interference in another country’s internal political matter.

Seeing this as a test Obama replied back in kind, pointing out that while the Americans has at least 140,000 troops on ground in Iraq, Australia has just 1,400.

Obama concluded by saying that since Howard believes in the righteousness of the war, may be he should send the 20,000 extra troops required to launch a counter-attack on the terrorists.

The full story could be found at Howard refuses to apologize for remarks against Obama

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