Two writers I respect have noted the “over the top” Obamamania crowds.

Roger Simon writes on his blog about the President as celebrity, wryly noting:

I don’t know about you, but my observation in life has been that when you fall in love your judgment is, shall we say, skewed.

And another wag started an “tongue in cheek” website: “ObamaMessiahBlog“.

By having the primaries lumped together and so early, it allows the press to concentrate on personalities and horserace statistics, not issues.

So all I know is that, unlike Hillary (who after all had access to the WMD and other issues that made her husband back the Congressional motion in favor of regieme change in Iraq, in  1998).

But the Clinton appointed DNC embraced both the looney left and the anti war slogans to demonize Bush, as a prelude to her being crowned Queen of the United States.

Now that strategy has backfired. The looney left has found another Messiah, and she is left in the cold.

But the simplistic distortion that allowed demonization of Bush as it’s reason for opposing the war has essentially silenced the discussion. There are real reasons for and against the war in Iraq but except for Bush (whose reasoning has been distorted out of context) little coverage has been given to those voices.

I am old enough to remember Viet Nam, and that these same simplistic souls felt so proud of stopping the war: Yet few of them ever helped the one million boat people or protested the ethnic cleansing of the Chinese that resulted in the Communist win there.

So at least give us a hint on your plans, pretty please?

So what do we know of Obama, aside from the fact he was a kid of a rich lady who liked exotic husbands?

We know he was against the war: But so far, I haven’t heard a nuanced reason why he was against the war, or his alternative.

The only other thing I know about Obama is that when he was in the Illinois congress, he stopped a bill that would require medical care for children who survived abortion.

At least I know where Hillary stands on the issues: Probably a compromise in Iraq, abortion up to the time of birth, and we all get free health care.

But in the rush to the primaries, the enthusiasm of the hour has distorted the press and by doing so the ability of people to actually judge on a logical level.

And this is not a good thing for any of us.

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