Well in the tiny hamlet of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire anyway. Dixville is one of those strange little places that likes to vote early, really early, like midnight early. Apparently the practice of voting at midnight has been going on since the second world war, and was started so that Railway Workers could vote.

I know, you are all salivating waiting for the results. Well, Obama received 15 votes, and McCain 6. It is also being reported that this is the first time a Democrat has taken this important landmark town since 1968.

Hart’s Location told a similar story with Obama trouncing McCain 17 to 10, and Ron Paul trailing a very distant third with 2 votes. Oh, and voter participation was 100%.

So there you have it. A clear landslide victory for the Democrats.

I will bet the McCain camp is in complete disarray with this bad news so early on election day. I have no doubt that right about now the republican strategists are reaching for their bottles of Tums and wondering what went wrong. Maybe McCain should have put these two locations on his stumping map.

There are no news reports indicating if either party did any active campaigning in these locations.

Many thanks to the BBC for this important election information.

Simon Barrett


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