I have to admit that whenever I think about the the big battle to see who gets four years free board and lodging at the worlds most exclusive hotel ‘The White House’, I get a queasy tummy. I find little reason to get excited by either side. In fact what pops into my mind was the song by Steelers Wheel way back in 1972. Yes it is 40 years old, but it sums up the current political battle quite well.

Jokers to the right? This is quite true. My favorite joker was Jack Nicholson, I thought he added something fine to the Batman movie.


While Romney may not have the full facial makeup on, he obviously has been practicing the grin.

rom1.jpgClowns to left of me? Indeed we do have that. It would be grossly unfair to pick sides.


So we sit ‘in the middle with you’. It does not take much research to see that the country is stagnant. It doesn’t matter if you go for the Clowns or the Jokers, but it is important that you pick one. We have have had 4 years of nothing, 4 years of stagnation. And in fact abother 4 years of falling into thw same pit.

Clinton started it. say the rebublicans.

Bush made it worse say the democrats.

The ‘blame game’ is easy to play. Just watch a couple of episodes of Jerry Springer. Jerry openly advertises for ‘Trailer Trash’. He does well at it, and love him or hate him, he delivers. Jerry makes no false claims, he openly admits that his program has no redeaming social value. People watch Jerry because they want to, or watch another chanell, because they can.

Jerry would make for a great president. Deadlock in Congress would be solved by a wrestling match in a large tub of Jello!

Simon Barrett

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