Blogging from Phoenix- (psburton) Representative Barney Frank joined others this week, in what appears to be a growing chorus of democrats publicly calling on the President Elect, to step up and start voicing his positions on the multitude of crises facing a Nation he will lead in a few short weeks. “We only have one President at a time” is a refrain some like Frank caution is beginning to wear thin.

By tradition incoming presidents are expected to offer generality and nuanced comments. Custom dictates they refrain from sending mixed signals abroad or impeding the final executive activity of the outgoing chief executive. To the pleasant surprise of most experts in the field of transitional process, George W Bush is awarded uncharacteristically high marks thus far in his efforts to assist team Obama in the nuts and bolts transfer of power.

Several of my fellow liberals have begun expressing even deeper concern than the remarks made by chairman Frank, nary a single progressive liberal has yet to be appointed to a prominent cabinet post they argue. The echo’s in the liberal blog-o-sphere have even merited comment by MSNBC Hard Ball Host Chris Matthews, who suggests, Obama is selecting right of center secretaries, so he can more effectively govern as a left of center President. This to my thinking as a hard core lefty would be another brilliant master stroke, provided that’s President Obama’s game plan.

It is true, during the campaign, on more than one occasion; senior staff was dispatched to calm the liberal side of the blog-O-sphere, with the explanation. Mr. Obama’s tactical approach, is more akin to a carrier than battle cruiser. His vote on civil immunity for the telecom industry is a prime example that comes to mind, we civil libertarians were told, Senator Obama voted only in favor of civil immunity, the bill did not provide protection from criminal consequences for violating the rights of individuals. I and every other civil libertarian came away thinking, this guy is Lincolnish in more ways than his locality.

But several liberal bloggers persist in wondering aloud, was the campaign misdirecting us, they worry President Elect Obama, has no intention of unleashing the Justice department on the evil doers, who spent eight years in a wanton orgy of injustice and institutional rape of civil liberties. My posts focused on who Obama would select as attorney general, Long before he announced it, I blogged in favor of ten individuals who’s selection, would signal a return to the rule of law and the hope we might see full restoration of civil liberty, Judge Eric Holder rounded up the list at number ten.

Eric Holder is a jurist above reproach when it comes to civil rights, He is on record as being opposed to the patriot act, A law considered by civil libertarians to be one of the more vile and Unholy legislative creations spawned by the crew from Crawford. Judge Holder is also on record in opposition to the Bush torture policy and the NSA warrant-less wire tap program.

So I find satisfaction and sweet comfort in the knowledge; we will soon have an Attorney General who risked professional and perhaps personal reprisals from the current regime, when he denounced them for their disrespect and abandonment of the rule of law. Perhaps the more vocal bloggers, might consider showing President Obama some slack.

That’s my view, yours may be different


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