David Schussler

With the upcoming elections just around the corner, is there enough time for Obama to assume credentials to substantially change the public’s opinion of his lack of experience in world affairs? For all of his community action experience, Obama still doesn’t even understand that the Iraqis deserve the same human rights that he has fought for here in the U.S. What about the struggles of the people of African nations who need an American president who is at least sympathetic to the needs of those people.

Besides an intense rhetoric of change and a disarming presence, what does Obama have to offer? When he first entered the national political arena, Obama had people thinking that he was a man of substance and character with a mission to bring honesty and integrity to a flawed and untrusted government. He has proven publicly that he has no gumption and has fallen into the deceptive practices of politics as usual. It is obvious that candidate Obama is advised by the wrong people and as intelligent as he is cannot think on his feet. It takes deep conviction and knowledge of subject to speak authoritatively on a topic. One has to be able to say, at times”I don’t know, but I will study that and get back to you”. Tossing out answers off the cuff without knowledge is not what we want as a president and it is dishonest.

It would be wise for Obama to take a real world tour which could humble him to the positive innovations and awful tribulations of the world without all of the press coverage. It would be wise for him to travel the U.S. also and meet the people where they live to help him understand our needs and desires. After all, we are a nation of intelligent innovators and progressives with a desire to be good stewards of our land, our peace, and our freedom. It would be wise also for him to spend some time in congress fighting for some ideals he believes in. Perhaps with some seasoning he can become a viable candidate for the job he is now seeking.

The problems of our country and our position in the world demand a more experienced, determined, and honest leader today. There is no time for on the job training. This is a trip Obama should have taken already so he could have digested the information and formed intelligent opinions and strategies for success.

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