President Elect Obama, at least according to Newsweek and Salon articles, may be considering non- criminal truth and fact style commissions, rather than prosecution of those in government who rumor, gossip and rank speculation has it, may have ordered or participated in torture these last eight years.
Despite fifty years of empirical research concluding torture is ineffective and counterproductive when used as an investigative tool. Many still think torturing terrorists, to prevent attacks on America and American’s is not a bad thing. The thinking goes, if it can save a single American life, why the hell not, and if in fact that were the case, I might agree.

But some speculate, President Bush may be sitting on reports revealing, we did a great deal more than water board a couple high value alkida leaders in the first couple years of the war on terror. Perhaps the question ought to be to what degree has the truth been buried. If it’s just those couple instances of water boarding we know of already, the issue is all political smoke and no fire and a low level bi-partisan truth and fact commission would be the appropriate course.

Before the President Elect spends a great deal of political capitol providing cover to the outgoing President and his closet advisers, for the sake of promoting his want to begin a first term promoting the spirit of bipartisan-ism. He may want to conduct an in house appraisal of what exactly went on under George W Bushes watch. Considering the people around the current President, have been caught in lies and deceit at every turn for eight straight years. President Obama ought not to just take the various spy chiefs and military heads at their word.

What’s really disturbing from the stand point of civil liberty, is the fact several e-mails and confidential source forwards I have gotten from folks at major media outlets, hint of career CIA and NSA officers having come forward in the last month or so, reportedly reaching out to journalists to offer harrowing accounts of American soldiers and civilians, tortured to death as reprisal for our use of torture.

These same individuals, who I understand to be confirmed members of the intelligence community, also claim our government tortured at least seven Afghan youngsters between the ages of eight and fifteen between 2001 and 2004.
At this point such accounts remain unsubstantiated allegation, George W Bush on his honor as President has asserted on several occasions, the United States does not torture children. That being the case, he should be the first in his new role as the former President, to welcome appointment of a special counsel to investigate the charges. But what is most troubling in respect to these rough reports, is the possibility children were in fact tortured.

I ask myself, Why would twenty or thirty year members of the intelligence community, make up such a detailed accounts so easily disproved once an investigation is under way. Perhaps they are simply disgruntled governmental employees, passed over for regular promotion when the Bush administration came to power and began staffing its own people and political appointees.

The danger in an Obama administration establishing any type of high profile special commission or joint House and Senate committee to investigate torture is the possibility, it’s a set up from the get go, republican appointees who currently dominate the nations intelligence community, could simply be crafting an issue to distract and obscure attention from something else, or in the hope it bogs down the new Presidents legislative agenda by forcing too much focus on a single issue.

During the post Watergate era, republicans began to worry the American people would begin paying attention to some of Richard Nixon’s other executive actions, besides his infamous covering up the bungled break in that lead to his down fall. They intended to side track democrats with special committees and commissions in order to refocus the Nations attention back on Nixon after Ford granted him a pardon. But providence favored them with the election of Jimmy Carter and the Iran hostage drama. While Jimmy Carter was and is a remarkable and commendable Christian, As a President and political leader, he was so far out of his depth, even fellow democrats in congress declined to take his calls.

President Obama angered many on the left by allowing a Judas like Joe Lieberman to retain his powerful chairmanship of Homeland security, should he choose to forgive and forget too many of the sins and crimes committed by the current administration it will be a very short honeymoon.

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