In an interview with his home town newspaper the Chicago Tribune, our president elect had the following words of wisdom “I think we’ve got a unique opportunity to reboot America’s image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular.”

Interesting words, in an interesting time. Having been involved in the computer world for over 30 years, this statement gave me pause for thought. Rebooting? That term in the computer world refers to restarting the computer after some failure has occurred. Certainly times are somewhat tenuous between the muslin population and the rest of the world. Can Obama mend the broken fences? Many would argue that the fences are not worth fixing, other than to put razor wire on the top.

Based on my computer industry experience, I would like to offer some advice to our new president in relation to rebooting:

Power the system off, power it back on, and keep pressing the F8 key, until you get a menu. Select Safe Mode and hit enter. This will bring up the Government without any additional and unnecessary add ons, like Lobbyists, and other special interest groups. Oh, this version of Safe Government has no networking ability, this is a good thing! It prevents earmarks, and foreign ‘networks’ can not talk to the safe environment.

Step two, insert your favorite ‘Spy Ware’ scanner, this should remove all of the nasty NSA warrantless wire taps, and other invasions of privacy.

Step three would have to be Virus Removal. Virus removal is harder. Generally speaking this step is best done under the watchful eye of an adult. Do a full government scan. It should identify all of malware involved. One of the most insidious being the Lobbyist virus type. My recommendation is to delete them, rather than attempt to repair them. Some though are fairly persistent. Good examples are the Trial Lawyer virus, it just doesn’t seem to matter what method you use, this insidious critter stays around, another example is the NRA, seemingly harmless, but who have huge influence. Of course the ultimate virus is the infamous Bible Belt bot-net, this huge mass of insanity will use up all available system resources.

At this juncture you will likely want to review the other bits of gray-ware, while not strictly Virii they do represent a definite threat to the well being of the government system. The two main offenders being the Banks and their sub-prime lending, the other major threat is the big three auto makers.

Actually come to think about it, this whole process would take way too much time. Obama likely would be better off inserting his DOS disk (Democrat Operating System) and issuing the command Format Government:

Simon Barrett

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