President Barack Obama addressed the graduating class of Kalamazoo Central High School and personally greeted each of the seniors to congratulate them for their academic achievements.

This honor was extended, for the most part, because of the class patting itself on the back for its lack of racial and ethnic discord, which in today’s scholastic environment translates largely into the White students taking with a smile plastered across their faces denouncement for and the accepting of blame for the lion’s share of the world’s problems as elaborated by leftist textbooks, multiculturalist educators, and the discontented minorities that get worked up into a froth as a result of such indoctrination.

Though a scathing column could be written on that in and of itself, that isn’t even the most glaring hypocrisy surrounding this event.

As part of the security procedures surrounding the President’s visit, each of the seniors to be personally greeted by the President had to submit to a Secret Service background check.

What’s wrong with that those conditioned to submissively accept what they are told to do without a second thought will reply.  Nothing whatsoever, as in this day of rampant violence, numerous precautions must be taken to protect the life of the President.

It is just a shame that the President doesn’t think that your life is as valuable as his.

The first part of any background check consists of verifying that the person is whom they claim to be by examining their official documentation.   Yet President Obama and his law lad Eric Holder are among the foremost critics of the state of Arizona for taking this most basic of steps to protect its citizens and the residents legitimately having the right to reside there from those that do not.

The Constitution expressly forbids in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 the granting of titles that would establish the creation of a nobility setting one class of citizen above another as a matter of statutory formality.  This means that, as a matter of legal ontology, all Americans are equal at the core of their being.

The President of the United States has every reasonable expectation that those intending him harm will be kept away from himself and his family.  Is there any reason as to why every other American should expect anything less from our government for ourselves as well?

by Frederick Meekins

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