Advertising Age reports that “Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign will be among the TV sponsors of NBC Universal’s Olympics coverage” and “has taken a $5 million package of Olympics spots that includes network TV as well as cable ads.”

The Associated Press notes that ‘[s]uch an extensive purchase of ad time would give Obama wide exposure before the Democratic National Convention, to be held the last week in August” and that “the expenditure is as significant for its reach as for the bold statement it makes.”

This would be the same Barack Obama who lectured President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies. The “bold statement” that this latest flip flop makes is that Obama supports the Beijing Olympics (AKA “The Genocide Olympics”) – which means he also supports China having financed Sudanese Arabs in their genocidal campaign against black Africans, and its abysmal human rights record. The massive ad buy will be made using money given to Obama in part by African-Americans. 

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