David Schussler

Giving his first press conference during his Middle East tour today, Barack Obama has shown his lack of knowledge and insight not only with the military strategies of our armed forces, but the politics and circumstances of the conflicting nations there, and of a democratic government and its processes.

Although admitting that there has been success with General Petraeus’s well led surge, he failed to recognize the political success gained with the newly formed Iraqi government, and more importantly the political successes of the more local Iraqi regions where Sunni and Shia have agreed to work together and are working from the bottom up to affect change in the central government. Obama only recognized where the failures of that coalescing government are.

Obama eluded to the non-fact that Gen. Petraeus and our military could care less about the economy of the United States as they pursue their military objectives in the Middle East. He could not be more wrong. Our military, including Gen. Petraeus, is made up of our citizens who struggle as much or more with the day to day living expenses of our economy. Once again one of our leaders is assuming that our military is one minded and ignorant and does not understand national economy. Our military is made up of regular citizens from every walk of life who are willing to give their lives to protect our way of life including our economy and quality of life. Obama has made an error in judgment if he thinks otherwise as he said this morning.

Obama wants and expects, as we all do, that the fledgling Iraqi government will solve and settle all conflicts that divide the thousand year old tribal regions as they try to unite many tribes to form a democratic central government. He is failing to equate this to a single digit approval rating of the United States congress, of which he is a part, which has had a well formed constitutional government for over 200 years that cannot even agree to agree on simple matters with only a two party interest.

Obama’s insistence on a military deadline for our troops to withdraw from Iraq even after getting advice to the contrary from General Petraeus, clearly shows his lack of common strategic sense. The leaders of Al Queda supported by neighboring Iran will simply build up their forces and reserves as they wait for our troops to leave and attack at will, taking town by town as they march toward dominance. The only thing that would prevent it would be our intervention with another war that would be vicious and life consuming. Obama fails to see that the security of Iraq is important to the security of the Middle East and the security of the U.S. and all free people. As shown by his answers this morning he clearly does not recognize that those who are causing the conflicts over there actually hate us, not for political reasons, but for purely fanatical religious reasons that cannot be reasoned or debated, or threatened away. They believe that their cause is pre-ordained and dictated by incontrovertible prophesy, and that their time is now. They openly admit it.

Clearly Obama needs a crash course on presidenting if he expects to assume that role on Election Day. He certainly does not seem very presidential now as he is struggling with simple questions, and his lack of knowledge and understanding is rearing its ugly head for the entire world to see.

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