I guess I got out of the Federal government’s health system just in time.

Obama has stopped the implementation of protections for medical workers who oppose abortion.

It won’t get headlines, however: the headlines say “White House stops pending Bush Regulations for Review”

… Bush administration include allowing the carrying of concealed weapons in some national parks and prohibiting medical facilities from receiving federal money for discriminating against doctors and nurses who refuse to assist with abortions or dispense contraceptives based on religious grounds.

the fact was hidden in the fifth paragraph in a minor news release, and was worded so that it sounded like a routine “reexamination of Bush’s policies”.

The “spin” conceals three lies.

One, that it was last minute regulations from the Bush administration.

False. The laws barring discrimination against physicians goes back to the early 1970’s.

There were good reasons for these laws. For example, as a medical student (before Roe V Wade) I refused to assist in surgery for abortions, and was failed in my OB/GYN rotation. I threatened a lawsuit, and won, partly because the doctor was breaking the law.

However, two years later, a friend of mine was threatened with the loss of her residency if she did not do abortions. She appealed and was told her religion didn’t prohibit abortions, so she was given the choice of losing her residency (and immigration status) or to do abortions.

However, the five Muslim physicians in the same residency program also refused to do abortions, and succeeded in keeping their jobs, not because of the law but because they threatened to quit en mass if forced, and the hospital realized that they couldn’t function if one quarter of the residents quit.

The nurses were in worse shape. They often got upset and left when trying to clean up near viable fetuses in pieces. So the hospital held “retraining” programs, and those they couldn’t intimidate/persuade were merely reassigned.

The problem was so bad that in the early 1970’s, Congress passed a law forbidding the firing of personnel who refused to cooperate with medical procedures on religious grounds.

So that part about “Bush regulations” is wrong. The law actually goes back 30 plus years. The regulations merely reaffirmed them.

Lie number two: that part about “dispensing contraceptives”.

This is a “slight of hand” by the pro abortion lobby. They don’t mean simple contraceptives (which have many medical uses besides pregnancies). They mean the so called “morning after pill”.

Forty years ago, the morning after pill was thought to stop ovulation, so doctors would give it to rape victims.

Later studies however showed that it probably worked by increasing the transit time of the egg into the uterus, so that the fertilized egg/developing embryo aborted. Essentially, for Catholics and most others who think life starts at conception, it became essentially the same as abortion: which meant many doctors wouldn’t give it out at all, and others would only dispense it for grave reasons (e.g. rape).

But nowadays, the “morning after pill” is being promoted as a backup contraception method. This sounds good to the sophisticated, but in reality, it means a lot of girls will say yes and not use protection, meaning there will be more STD danger to them. And a lot of the girls who are careless will also be careless in taking the pills correctly: They cause severe nausea in a lot of people, and a lot of the girls take them later than 48 hours, so they don’t work.

So although touted as wonderful, and although studies suggest that the promotion of the morning after pill doesn’t increase promiscuity, the studies also show that the use doesn’t lower the abortion/unwanted pregnancy rate either.

Well, anyway, a lot of doctors and pharmacists who would dispense the pill to a 15 year old rape victim will object to dispensing it to a 35 year old who couldn’t be bothered to buy a condom.

So then we come to Lie Number Three:

So the doctors, nurses and pharmacists are protected by the 1970’s law, right?

Well, maybe.

Translation:It’s the money stupid.

One, President Obama was given a lot of money by Feminist and pro abortion groups, and he’s paying them back.

Apparantly, the Unions (who also gave Obama a lot of money) aren’t going to fight for their workers on this issue.

And he will get away with it, since the press will spin the story as a “patients’ rights” issue.

Two: Unlike 30 years ago, most medical clinics and pharmacies, and many hospitals, are now being run by huge business corporations.

The 1970’s law cost money to the big businesses that now are in charge of most pharmacies, medical clinics and hospitals. They might have to hire a second “backup” personnel who was willing to do the procedures/dispense the medicine.

Get rid of those laws protecting medical workers against discrimination, and it saves them money.

Of course, doctors are hard to fire. But what about pharmacists and nurses? They can usually be fired by “documenting” trivial errors/complaints until they quit from the harassment or the nit picking finds enough problems to legally fire them. Or maybe, they wouldn’t be hired at all.

So the result would be religious discrimination in hiring and (more importantly) in training slots (especially for OB/Gyn and Family Practice)  for physicians.

Finally,  the elephant in the room is something called the FOCA.

By stopping the Medical worker’s rights regulations, Obama is sending the message to his pro abortion supporters that his priority is to pass the “Freedom of Choice” act, which would mandate all hospitals and health care facilities would be mandated to do abortions or any other procedure or give out any other medicine that is legal. (for “legal” read “dispense contraceptive,  morning after pills, and do abortions”. But nowadays, it goes furthur: it could include forcing physicians to counsel all sick people that they have a right to assisted suicide pills, and then dispense those pills).

With a Democratic congress, he should have no problem passing it, even though many “Blue dog” Democrats claim to be pro life.

The Catholic bishops are very worried about this, since if the bill was passed as previously written, all Catholic hospitals and hospitals that merged with Catholic hospitals and agreed to go along with church teaching, would now be forced to cooperate with something they viewed as a sin, or indeed, murder.

At least one Catholic bishop threatened to shut down all the Catholic hospitals in his area if this was done: And one difference between the easy going 1970s’ bishops and nowaday is that some of the newly appointed “Pope John Paul II” type bishops have the balls to do just that.

And waiting in line: Stopping the “Mexico City rules” so that US taxpayer money can pay for abortions overseas, and pressure Catholic and Muslim governments  to change their abortion laws

And, of course, one expects President Obama to legalize using your tax money to destroying Embryos for stem cells. Private companies can already do this research, but their poor success rate and the high price of getting fresh eggs has made it hard to get private investors to put their money into the research. Besides, in the last year or two, ways have been found to make adult stem cells do the job, and these cells are cheaper, more abundant, have less chance of turning cancerous.

So with his right hand, Obama is promising hope, but with his left hand, it appears that he might be quietly implementing what that right wing “fundamentalist” preacher John Paul II called “the Culture of Death”.


Doug Kmeic, call your office. You Lied.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.


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