The Washington Post’s Scott Wilson writes a 692-word article on a topic President Barack Obama “just can’t seem to get right.”

Is it getting Iran to take him seriously? A bailout exit strategy? What to do with the committed jihadis currently warehoused at Gitmo? No, it’s bowling:

A president who this week spoke fluently about the changing nature of America’s middle class, plug-in hybrid cars, mortgage-backed securities and public-school reform stumbled – and stumbled badly … The question remains: Will Obama ever be able to safely discuss bowling?

Actually, there is a much more serious question than whether Obama’s having ridiculed Special Olympics athletes on national TV is one more example of bowling not being his thing – and it’s right there in Wilson’s article. Hours before his “Tonight Show” appearance, Obama held a townhall meeting in Los Angeles:

[A] disabled man told Obama “about the true renaissance that’s happening” among people with physical disabilities, asking the president how “your disability agenda will release this emerging potential that’s currently wasted and untapped?”

“Well, you are exactly right that we need everybody,” Obama responded. “And every program that we have has to be thinking on the front end how do we make sure that it is inclusive and building into it our ability to draw on the capacities of persons with disabilities.”

If it wasn’t clear to the audience at the time that Obama gave a completely noncommittal, content-free answer (despite campaigning on a promise of “change,” he’s just another glad-handing pol), it should have been crystal clear after his “joke.”

The question remains: Specifically how will Obama ensure that people who have mental and physical disabilities get affordable lifelong therapy to perform to their fullest capabilities, that public schools meet a “no disabled child left behind” education standard and that a portion of stimulus funds are allocated to job training and job creation for disabled Americans

The bowling ball is in Obama’s lane. It remains to be seen whether he gets out of the gutter to change the lives of disabled Americans.

As for Wilson, he totally dorked the ball with this triviality. Is this why he became a journalist? Hope not.

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