Former strong supporter of the President & Vietnam combat veteran weighs in.

Remember General Westmoreland saying “Give me another 100,000 troops and we’ll win this war. Six months later he said give me another 250,000 troops and we’ll win this war!” President Jonhson caved into General Westmoreland against his better judgement and we lost the war.

President Obama just took George Bush’s failed war and made it his own. Congratulation Mr. President you just fell into the Republicans trap and we elected you because we thought you were smarter than that. You have just earned a quick exit ticket from office in three years unless you grow a pair of balls!

I strongly urge the American people to continue their nationwide protest. This country needs to return to the days of the 1960’s with protest on college campuses and marching on the Capitol. The American people cannot afford to leave the decisions on these wars in the hands of either party as they have both proven to be impotent when it comes to disengaging from these costly wars.

Is victory at hand? No not even close, eight years thousands of lives lost for what? Two puppet governments that are filled with corruption that won’t last days after we pull out?

Should we fight until our last soldiers are dead or mentally destroyed, until our last dollar is spent? What three, five, ten more years to reach the same place we are today?May 1, 2010 should be the date that 2,000,000 million Americans minimum 10 million ideally, should march on Washington D.C. and demand that our elected official do the right thing and end these senseless wars that cannot be won.

We should protest and have free concerts on the mall and throughout Washington DC let the government try to move millions of tents and blankets out of the parks and off the lawns. This should be the largest display of support for our troops and the largest protest of these un-winnable wars in our Nation’s history.

I urge all Americans to support the troops 100 percent, but not support their senseless slaughter in wars that cannot be won with force or force of will.

These countries are and have been for centuries outlaw states that have no desire to be a democracy. You will never win at nation building. It took nearly thirty years to build this democracy that we are still looking to make changes in nearly 250 years after we started building it.

These wars will bankrupt this country and that is the simple truth. We do not have the money to spend on our own countries problems but we continue pour hundreds of billions into these wars?

These countries have been are to today barter cultures that are made up of hundreds of tribes run by warlords that will never follow a central government.

Even Iraq that only has four major groups will never become a functioning democracy. As soon as we out of there it will rip itself into three to four countries. Old Joe Biden was smarter than most of the other experts.

A few thousand Taliban & insurgent fighters will keep the most powerful military on the planet chasing its tail forever. Every month the numbers of servicemen and women killed will climb. We were not ever going to have another Vietnam remember? Well just what do you think we have when we are eight years in and no victory even remotely in sight?

The president turns out to be afraid of what the Republicans will say if he were to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s more worried about those two countries folding when we leave than he is in looking at the fact eight years in we are no closer to victory than we were on day one. It matters not if we leave now or ten more years from now both Iraq and Afghanistan will collapse within days of our military withdrawal.

 So we can continue to pour lives and money down the drain or we can force our gutless leadership to do the right thing. Both the Democrats and the Republicans lack the moral courage to end this involvement in these wars that cannot possibly ever be won!

So please if you support the troops than demand we get them out of this meat grinder while some of them still have minds and bodies left to defend this country if need be. This war has already produced over 1,000,000 claims for benefits with the VA for soldiers’ that have severed. Read this buzz it up pass it along to your friends not for me but for the troops that will die senselessly in the years to come in two wars that have accomplished nothing and will accomplish nothing.

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