During a private white house meeting with civil and human rights leaders, just prior to what will be a major speech to outline his administrations National security policy. President Barack Obama was obliged to offer some Ronald Regan style political woodsheding of attendee’s, who apparently assumed, if they behaved like a teenager wanting to borrow the car, they might wear the President down by continuing to ask till he changed his mind.

The liberal base of the Democratic Party, almost since they learned of President Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to offer the inaugural invocation, has been squawking like an antsy child on the first leg of a very long car trip. The President, no matter how loud or often they demand, is not going to spend a cent of political capitol on leading the call for investigation of and if evidence warrants, prosecution of Bush administration officials for alleged criminal activity related to the debate over torture of detainee’s.

Good for you Mr. President, To begin with, it’s actually not in your job description, besides which the constitution directs the congress of the United States to conduct oversight of the executive branch. Unless of course you embrace the ultra conservative interpretation of a unitary executive in which case, Richard Nixon’s excuses for Water Gate and Condoleezza Rice’s defense of torture would seem accurate, when a President orders an action, it becomes by definition legal.

Of course very few constitutional scholars outside the narrow orbit of the federalist society, some alumni of Pat Robertson’s bible law and typewriter repair academy and perhaps Richard Cheney’s future defense team would actually argue the notion, the President or vice president is above the law.   

But why it is liberal legal scholars, who by this point could probably draw up briefs in their sleep outlining the diversity and multitude of laws, senior Bush administration members violated over and over, continue to insist President Obama take the lead on an issue the congress should be addressing. Perhaps it’s due to the sad political reality, very few people who are not members of the liberal left, give a rats ass if detainee’s were tortured.

Perhaps they suspect, unless and until the President supports the cause, it’s unlikely to become a front burner issue with the majority of American’s anytime soon. The President I speculate is also aware, when or actually if, the congress ever gets around to fulfilling its responsibility, to conduct and investigate the serious allegations against senior members of George W. Bush’s administration; it will suck all the air out of the room.

 What we already know, The memo’s and declassified documents currently in the public domain, indicate the central question may not even relate to the use of torture itself, but the motivation that inspired its implementation. The tip of the iceberg suggest torture was not used to help prevent another attack or gain information that saved lives, but to craft propaganda on the part of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, in order  to establish a link between 9-11 and Saddam Hussein,

Should the American people ever be confronted with proof positive George Bush and Dick Cheney ordered torture simply to obtain false confessions, Ties they wove into the now discredited fabric of disinformation and propaganda proffered in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

The outrage I suspect, will force the congress to put all else on the back burner for an entire election cycle. Healthcare and climate legislation needs to get done now, because Barack Obama is allotted just eight years to accomplish his goals. Should the slow drip of secret memo’s and classified documents become a torrent of detailed fact and confirmation too soon, it could come at the cost of achieving healthcare reform and climate control and a host of changes, that will make for a better and safer America.

That’s my view, yours may be different

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