Call me heretical if you must, but at some point even the media is going to start asking, “say what Barack.” The man who proclaims himself all but pre-ordained to be the first black president is sounding like he might have been sitting in the pew, listening to the good reverend Wright more then he fesses up to at the moment. “Typical white person“

Oh really Senator, is that black liberation theology or simply one more of those “out of context” remarks we need to ignore and move on.

Lets review, if a Hillary had called on her top level supporters to arm twist the legislators in Michigan to suppress the vote, I speculate you would have problems, if she had waffled on her “promise” to abide by a pledge to accept public finance limits and then flip flopped when an Internet cash cow started over flowing I am thinking you would have announced more proof of the same old political double talk.

What exactly again is it that separates you from Senator Clinton? You both offer just about the same agenda for tackling the problems the next President will face, Oh yes your the candidate of change, the fellow who tells us the reason things are so bad is the type of people in charge, yet over the last couple weeks you have pretty much shown yourself to be exactly like the every other politician, and that’s not a bad thing,

But the problem is you have years less experience then the other two folks who want the job and frankly, you make the kind of rookie mistakes that are no doubt convincing the undecided your the least qualified person for the Job. great speeches though I give ya that, perhaps if politics doesn’t work out you might take up preaching. Cause your really good at it. that’s my view yours may be different

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