Blogging from Phoenix- Republicans have joined Al-Qaeda and the folks at FOX in condemnation of an American winning the Nobel Prize for peace. To the surprise of everyone President Barack Obama was awarded the most prestigious accolade the world bestows today and the enemies of freedom and democracy quickly voiced their collective disdain.

Some responsible conservatives and a few ardent Obama supporters were puzzled that the Nobel committee awarded the President the prize so early into his Presidency. While it’s true Mr. Obama’s steady hand at the helm averted the Mother of all economic depressions and his administrations diplomatic policy has turned course after eight years of neglect and corruption under the neo-cons. The President best summed up the announcement by declaring the award was not bestowed for any personal accomplishment but as an acknowledgement America is once again taking a leadership role in confronting the multitude of problems all Nations and people face in common.

De-facto leader of the GOP and beloved boss of all things cracker, Racial spew master Rush Limbaugh predictably nourished the uneducated, unwashed and intellectually inhibited with another of his unintelligible rants, a rant that was particularly or perhaps for no reason at all completely unrelated to the award, As someone who did his fair share of pharmaceuticals in youth, I would encourage Boss Limbaugh to consider holding off on the Oxycontin till he finishes his daily radio up-chuck, it’s becoming difficult to make any sense of his ramblings which may explain why Mormon loon Glenn Beck is surpassing him in the ratings.

While patriotic American’s and those who support liberty and freedom are pleased the President will be able to use the prestige of the Nobel to further American interests, anti-patriots, traitors and terrorists have another reason to rue the election of Barack Obama, the GOP joining in fellowship with those responsible for the attacks of 9-11 comes on the heels of their cheering America’s loss of the Olympics and it begs the question when will they begin to actively support those waging war against our troops.

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