A panel of 44 men and women armed with dials numbered from 0 (most negative) to 100 (most positive) assembled by CBS to watch the veep debate at its TV City research facility in Las Vegas yielded an unexpected finding: Biden did better than Palin when he talked about the Iraq war, but the tables were turned when Palin talked about the bailout, reports Media Daily News. The average score for any specific issue was 44, and Biden hit 76 on the war, Palin hit 69 on the bailout. Conventional wisdom gives Dems the edge on the economy and Repubs the edge on national security, but with this group it was the other way around. 

Here’s more proof that it’s a topsy-turvy campaign: Biden and Palin’s principals were battling each other over mortgage relief on the campaign trail. One of them said this: The plan “punishes taxpayers, rewards banks, and won’t solve our housing crisis” and would “guarantee that American taxpayers lose by handing over $300 billion to underwrite the kind of greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street that got us into this mess.” The other countered with this: “”The dream of owning a home should not be crushed under the weight of a bad mortgage. The moment requires that the government act – and as president I intend to act quickly, and decisively.” 

Which was which? The one who sounded like a laissez-faire Repub was Barack Obama. The one who sounded like Obama during the primaries was John McCain. To read other posts in this series, click here, here (second item), here and here (second item).Note: The Stiletto writes about politics and other stuff at The Stiletto Blog, chosen an Official Honoree in the Political Blogs category by the judges of the 12th Annual Webby Awards (the Oscars of the online universe) along with CNN Political Ticker, Swampland (Time magazine) and The Caucus (The New York Times).

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