While speaking at the Communication Workers of America Legislative Conference, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barrack Obama (D-IL) said that the Bush and administration pursues a policy that leaves regular men and women struggling to make ends meet. Obama called this policy, “social Darwinism.”  “It’s a strategy that we’ve seen this administration pursue over the last six years, that basically says government has no role to play in making sure that America is prosperous for all people and not just some,” Obama said. I am a moderate, and I disagree with some of Obama’s view of what the role of the government should be.

I think that the Bush administration gave too many tax cuts to big business and corporate interests, because they were using trickle down economics without calling it that. They were hoping that these tax cuts would lead to a rising tide that would lift all boats, but instead what they got were massive corporate profits, rising consumer prices, and a growing wealth gap between the top 1% and everyone else. I see the American government’s role in the economy is one of steering the ship. It is bad when a government acts in too leftward or rightward a manner. Government should be there to help those, who through no fault of their own can’t help themselves. Government’s job should be to be the referee and keep the playing field level.

I see no reason why people who make more money should not have to pay more taxes. You make more, you pay more has always sounded fair to me. Obama is correct in the respect that this administration has diverted our hard earned tax dollars towards special interest tax breaks, which to me is not fair. However, I don’t want a president who will think he is correcting the balance of things by doing the exact opposite. I know that Obama and Clinton have to prove their liberal street credibility, but talk like this makes me nervous. I am a Democrat who loves tax cuts. I love targeted tax cuts, given to the people who work the hardest so that they can use the money to pay for gas to get to work, or their heating bill.

Conservative economic ideology has always has a social Darwinist feel to it, because conservatives don’t believe in many social programs. I think Obama is correct that Bush has let ideology overrule sound economic policy, but if Obama really wanted to restore the balance he would take the Bush tax cuts, and not remove them, but redirect them to all levels of our society. A rich person should not be penalized for being rich, nor should a poor person for being poor. When it is time to raise taxes, the same theory applies. Everyone should pay their fair share. Those who make more will pay more, and those who make less will pay less. Is this really that difficult of a concept to grasp?

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