The Senate’s passage this week of legislation renewing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is nothing more than a shocking ‘rub your nose in it’ for the average American. It rubber stamps the Feds ability to wire tap with impunity.

There are a number of cases wending their way through the court system about illegal, as in, not court approved wiretaps of both phones and Internet usage. The most shocking of which concerns AT&T, Mark Klein is the key witness in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s class-action lawsuit against the company, which alleges that AT&T illegally cooperated in an illegal National Security Agency domestic-surveillance program.

Mark has produced damaging evidence that shows that a ‘switch’ was placed into part of the internet backbone, effectively listening in on everything, everyone was doing online and mirroring the traffic to the NSA’s mega world of super computers in Virginia (rumor has it that even the NSA don’t know how many computers they have, they just refer to them in acreage, and it is reputed to be about 11 football fields).

Barack Obama had made it very clear that he was in opposition to giving ‘snooping rights’ to the feds, he went so far as to offer to join a filibuster to stop passage. So what does he do? He signs off on the bill.

It is always entertaining to poke around in the (un)popular press, The Washington Press claims “A victory for common sense“. From The Kansas City Star we get the great tag line Obama’s FISA flip-flop angers liberal bloggers

I guess this is a portend for the future, if our illustrious ‘would be’ president is breaking promises now, imagine what will happen once he gets to have ‘1600 Pennsylvania Ave’ as his address.

Simon Barrett

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