This week in Iowa, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama showed his ability to adapt to audiences of any size, speaking to a group of two dozen supporters in a high school library before moving on to give a speech to 3,700 later that day.

This type of easy going comraderie with his supporters has been the hallmark of Obama’s campaign. He hasn’t forgotten his beginnings as a grass roots organizer in Illinois, and it shows. Most politicians at his level can give speeches to a standing-room only crowd, or they can pull off the “good ol’ boy talking politics over a beer” routine, but very few manage to do both believably.

Obama’s campaign has used his ability to connect with individuals in a way that completely ignores conventional wisdom. Most of his small gatherings have happened in private, away from media scrutiny.

Whether the model will continue to be effective as the campaign continues is anyone’s guess, but they will continue to use it for as long as it works.

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