I had a conversation today with a good friend of mine. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but this one is too delicious to ignore. Personally I don’t give any credibility to this story.

Conspiracy’s are glorious. Who killed JFK, what really happened at Roswell, is there still any gold in Fort Knox, the list goes on and on. A fertile mind can find a conspiracy under every rock!.

So, here it is. The Obama family hate Hillary Clinton, Obama only made her part of his administration to keep her quiet. As Secretary of State she was muzzled politically. This is the theory of keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Benghazi should have been the nail in the coffin for any future political ambitions Hillary had. But  somehow she dodged the bullet.

The conspiracy at this point gets even better, Obama hates Clinton so much that he is now using a scorched earth tactic. Even the GOP would be better than Hillary in the Whitehouse.

The proof of the scorched earth policy can be found in the Bowe Bergdahl POW recovery from the Taliban. Trading 5 high value Taliban operatives for one lowly US soldier, that many think was a deserter of his duties does not seem like an equitable deal.

So, the conspiracy theory is proved? Obama would give 5 terrorists their freedom to strike again rather than have Clinton in the Whitehouse. This act will drive voters to the GOP.

Possibly this is why press secretary (fall guy) Jay Carney has resigned?

I love a good conspiracy story, and this one certainly ranks up there with the best I have heard in ages.

Simon Barrett.


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