Phoenix–Sounding like the candidate who inspired more than half the electorate to vote him into office the President took responsibility today for the failure of a system established by George Bush to prevent terrorists from entering the United States.

In a theme reminiscent of Truman or JFK , the commander and chief took ownership of his watch and made it crystal clear, so long as he is President we would not surrender to the want of terrorists or the ultra right by abandoning our principles while defending the republic. And in a partisan shot across the bow of the GOP, the President also seemed to signal his administration has had enough of the lies, distortion and crap being shoveled by the half a dozen or so wing nuts who seem to do all the talking for the republicans these days.

There are many cogent conservative ideals that should be a part of the nation’s political dialogue, but to date the only rhetoric offered by the current republican leadership has been the naked exploitation of fear and misinformation by soulless political prostitutes posing as conservatives. Today’s remarks by the President should be seen as a line drawn in the sand and I speculate when next the hosts of the mainstream Sunday cable shows book folks like Dick Armey or Senator Tom Colburn to appear so they can shamelessly pander, a democrat who isn’t so willing to bend over and grab their ankles will show up to debate.

The long term future of the Grand old party is bright, but it’s also currently in high school, with folks like representative Michele Bachmann or minority leader John Boehner sounding the call to rally, the only patriots who bother to show up come from retirement communities, trailer parks and the white pride movement.

The no excuses or finger pointing acceptance of responsibility by the Presidents and his team is a breath of fresh air and will go a long way toward establishing the tone of his second year in office. For the rank and file who have expressed disappointment at the administrations seeming want to forever accommodate republicans for the sake of bi-partisanship, the President did not mince words when he rejected the demand of the minority party that he compromise bedrock American ideals of civil liberty and due process with their perverse view of what it will take to keep the country safe from terrorism.

Next time former vice president Cheney presumes to lecture this administration on what they need to do to protect the nation from terrorism, I fully anticipate someone will tell him at last he does not now or has he ever really known dick about what it takes to keep America or Americans safe. That’s my view yours may be different. 

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