While most political prognosticators spent Thursday afternoon debating who offered the better national security speech, President Barack Obama speaking to the Nation from the rotunda of the National archives or former vice president Richard Cheney addressing his audience from a conference room at a conservative think tank. As a civil libertarian I was focused in particular, on how the president addressed the issue of observing the rule of law, as it applies to current and future terrorist detainee’s held in U.S. military custody.

While some prominent civil rights activists already disappointed at the President’s hesitancy to resolve the conflict by transferring detainees to the federal court system reacted with continued angst. I speculate most rank and file disciples of civil liberty, were pleasantly surprised when the President announced, his administrations intention to craft a policy that will administer justice within the established framework of constitutional due process. The President devoted his commentary to defining a balanced approach to national security and preserving our Nations core values and principles.

A few miles away former vice president Richard Cheney offered remarks intended to argue the polar opposite position. It is the assertion of the GOP as vocalized by the former V.P. that America made the wrong choice in electing a President who is straying dangerously from a course Mr. Cheney continues to insist kept the homeland safe from terrorists.

Since leaving office Mr. Cheney has crafted an Orwellian recollection of the historical narrative which is widely popular with the right wing rank and file and those who tune into the FOX network for news and information. But in the age where politician’s remarks are always a few Google clicks away, it takes all of a minute to pull up glaring contradictions in Mr. Cheney’s defense of his administrations behavior; a legacy that seems to undergo subtle revisions in content each time a memo or fact emerges to refute his version of events.

In the Alice in wonderland reality he and the FOX network audience inhabit, 9-11 was not a consequence of failure by Bush & Cheney to protect America from a top secret report titled “Bin laden plans to attack America”, But in the make it up as you go along world of neo-conservatism, George Bush and his boss Dick Cheney’s watch began the day after the planes took the twin towers down. In Richard Cheney’s reality, anyone who would call water-boarding torture is committing criminal libel against him, despite U.S. law which already defines it as such and the fact we convicted those who used it on American troops of war crimes.

In Dick Cheney’s reality “enhanced interrogation” produced actionable intelligence that prevented imminent attacks on the homeland and saved American lives. But the memo’s and documentation we have seen so far, expose a White House in utter desperation to find a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein as the Weapons of Mass destruction lie evaporated, It indicates they decided to turn to CIA contractors to solicit under torture, false confessions they hoped would patch up the tapestry of beguilement stitched together and proffered as justification to invade a sovereign nation run by a ruthless dictator, who far from being any threat to our homeland, was actually a wedge between Western interest’s and the threat Iran could and has come to pose once they no longer needed to focus resources on Saddam’s regime.

That’s my view, yours may be different 

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