Obama Birth Certificate, Citizenship:
Was Obama born in Kenya?
Is Obama a “natural-born” citizen, as per the U.S. Constitution?
Is Something “Big” About to Break in this Story?

Who is Barack Obama?

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Questions Surrounding the Constitutional Eligibility
Of Barack Obama Heats Up

Is something big about to break in the Obama birth certificate story?

The questions surrounding the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as U.S. president continue. After abating a bit immediately prior and after the election two weeks ago, more information has surfaced which has returned the issue to the blogosphere.

The Mainstream Media not only blacked out the issue after June 2008, they actually contributed to the Obama’s campaign effort to cast anyone with questions about Obama and the many missing pieces of his past as “smear merchants” and “rumor-mongers”.

Three items, in particular, have caught our attention:


The Obama Birth Certificate Questions

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  1. World Net Daily has really ramped up their coverage of the Obama birth certificate issue today. WND’s front page contains almost nothing else but stories on the matter. Such as:
    * Rathergate II: Certification of Live Birth a clear forgery
    * Proofin’ the prez: Who’s in charge? Constitutional lawyer says electors have duty to investigate citizenship
    * Obama’s birthplace heats up Liddy show
    * Is he or isn’t he? The debate over Obama’s eligibility

    World Net Daily is the home to Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of Obama Nation, and a visitor to Kenya who was ejected from the country quickly upon arriving weeks ago.

    Does World Net Daily have something that it is about to break on this story?

    We don’t know. But we notice things.

  2. The Kenyan Ambassador.

    Earlier today we provided a link to a video of the Kenyan ambassador stating that Barack Obama’s birthplace in Kenya is already getting plenty of visitors since he became president. [MORNING INTELL: Kenya, Iran, Israel, PC Nazis, Natalie Holloway]

    This slip–or not–of the tongue, combined with Justice Clarence Thomas’ conference scheduled for December 5 on Denofrio v. Wells, has added fuel to the Obama citizenship fire. [Obama Birth Certificate, Citizenship: SCOTUS Conference Scheduled for Dec 5]

    Today, WND published another article claiming to debunk the Certificate of Live Birth which the Obama campaign featured on its fightthesmears.com site. [Rathergate II: Certification of Live Birth a clear forgery] From the WND piece by Janet Porter:

    It’s Rathergate all over again with more amiss than a 1970s Selectric typewriter. But before I tell you what the experts found, let me ask you a few questions:

    1. If you were a natural born American citizen and had it within your means to quiet all the lawsuits and questions with proof, would you do it?

    2. If you were a natural born American citizen, would you spend thousands of dollars to fight the legal cases against you, or would you simply answer the legitimate question of whether you meet the constitutional requirements for office?

    3. If you were a natural born American citizen, would you forge a document called a “Certification of Live Birth” and tell the public it was a real “birth certificate”?

    If someone were to violate the law by manufacturing a forgery in order trick the public, would that be enough evidence for members of Congress to conduct hearings and for a court to issue an order for the critical records, including the original long-form birth certificate (signed by the doctor) to ensure that the U.S. constitutional requirements for office were not violated? After all, Congress is sworn to uphold and defend that Constitution, and the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are “guardians” of the Constitution. That’s their job, isn’t it?

    These are much the same questions that others, as well as DBKP, have been asking. In fact, in Obama Birth Certificate Federal Lawsuit: The Curious Behavior of the Obama Campaign, we observed:

    Quiz time for DBKP readers.

    Let’s say you’re a Democrat and let’s say you’re running for president of the United States.

    You’re a likable guy and are doing well–the New York Times and AP think you’re peachy–but there have been whispers of whether or not you are constitutionally qualified.

    A prominent Democrat files suit in Federal court asking you to provide proof, to settle the matter once and for all.

    What do you do?

    • A. Provide the court with the three documents in question and go back to shaking hands, making promises and smiling for the cameras.
    • B. Provide images of one of the documents to a friendly website to post, but not to the court.
    • C. Ignore the request, then make a motion to dismiss the case, in lieu of providing the proof.
    • D. In the meantime, quietly, post a notice at your website, FighttheSmears.com that you had dual citizenship with Kenya.
    • E. Hire the top gun attorney from the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to fight the case.
    • F. File a Joint Motion for Protective Order to Stay Discovery Pending a Decision on the Motion to Dismiss (which was) filed on 09/24/08, thereby putting the matter off until–hopefully–after the election.

    Time’s up. What do you do?

    Most readers sensibly chose A.

    But, if you’re Barack Obama, you chose answers B, C, D, E and F.

    A curious response for a campaign interested in “fighting the smears”.

    Suffice it to say: not everyone bought into the Certificate of Live Birth explanation by the campaign. But more proof was needed because Obama wasn’t allowing anyone to see his original “vault” copy of his birth certificate for some unknown reason.

    And our third reason for believing that something “big” is about to break in this story?

    Continue reading: Obama Birth Certificate: WND, Kenya and African Press Internatl

    by Mondo Frazier
    Source: Obama Birth Certificate: WND, Kenya and African Press Internatl

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