Obama Birth Certificate:
Denofrio v Wells Referred to Conference
By Full Court–Not Just Justice Thomas

Obama Birth Certificate News:
December 4 2008

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider tomorrow whether to take up Leo C. Denofrio’s lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case.

The justices will meet Friday, while the filer’s supporters will hold a vigil in Washington on the steps of the Supreme Court outside.

Leo Denofrio sued NJ Secretary of State Nina Wells over the eligibility of presidential candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and Roger Calero.

Calero isn’t even a U.S. citizen, yet appeared on NJ’s presidential ballot.

The Denofrio v. Wells case was actually referred to conference by the full Court, not just Justice Clarence Thomas.

From A little twist on Donofrio’s case. Keep your eyes open on December 5th!:

12/1/08 – Donofrio’s case in the Supreme Court was actually referred to conference by the full Court, not just Justice Clarence Thomas. Bob Vernon, from the Plains Radio Network, spoke with Patricia McCabe Estrada, Deputy Director of Pulic Information at the SCOTUS. She confirmed that Mr. Donofrio’s application was first referred to conference by Thomas on the 19th, but after that referral, the full Court distributed the application for Conference on December 5, 2008. Unusual. The docket was not clear to these facts.


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* There are fact-checking sites, and then there are sites that actually check facts. Annenberg FactCheck.org does a less-than-objective job of fact checking political questions: they’re heavy on attitude, substituting disdain and snarkiness for facts.

However, another fact-checking site fact checked Phillip Berg (of Berg v Obama): What’s Your Evidence?. It does a good job of sorting through the numerous claims with links to sources and WYE does a good job of sticking to the facts.

The original birth certificate of Barack Obama might not be questioned with such intensity–if only the Obama camp had released other pertinent records during the election campaign.

But the campaign chose not to release Obama’s medical, college, or university records.

This caused one newspaper to recently label Obama as “the man with no visible past”.

The Obama Birth Certificate Questions
The Lack of Obama Records

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Over a dozen lawsuits have been filed nationwide which ask the courts to make Barack Obama produce his original birth certificate for the courts.

World Net Daily, which has continued to pursue the story, has been devoting even more resources to the story in the days leading up to Obama’s certification by the Electoral College on December 15.

The Mainstream Media is starting to react to the story, after months of near-silence.

What is that reaction? Is it objective?

Which newspaper called Barack Obama “the man with no visible past?”

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Source: Obama Birth Certificate: SCOTUS Conference Set for Tomorrow

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