Obama Birth Certificate:
Berg v. Obama Federal Lawsuit Dismissed
Hawaii Seals Obama Birth Certificate
Kenya Seals All Obama Records until After Election

Berg Plans Appeal

Obama birth certificate questions

Obama Birth Certificate News Round-up

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The Obama birth certificate issue may become an issue.

Phillip Berg may have had his case dismissed in a Philadelphia federal court for lack of standing, but cases filed in the last few weeks in eight state courts are still pending over Barack Obama’s citizenship issues.

Berg says he plans on appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our opinion: the appeal will likely be denied, due to the standing issue.

Berg filed suit in court to force the Democrat nominee to produce an original “vault” copy of his birth certificate. Obama and the Democratic National Committee chose to fight the lawsuit, rather than produce the birth certificate.

Obama left the campaign trail for a few days last week to see his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. Rumors swelled over the timing of the visit. DBKP took the campaign’s announcement at face value.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle, has had the Obama birth certificate placed under seal.

From Obama’s birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor:

HONOLULU, Hawaii – Although the legitimacy of Sen. Barack Obama’s birth certificate has become a focus of intense speculation – and even several lawsuits – WND has learned that Hawaii’s Gov. Linda Lingle has placed the candidate’s birth certificate under seal and instructed the state’s Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances.

The governor’s office officially declined a request made in writing by WND in Hawaii to obtain a copy of the hospital-generated original birth certificate of Barack Obama.

A source told World Net Daily “…confidentially the motivation for withholding the original birth certificate was political, although the source refused to disclose whether there was any information on the original birth certificate that would prove politically embarrassing to Obama.”

[ABOVE: Left-What Obama campaign has posted on their website; R-What a copy of vault birth certificate from Hawaii looks like.]

Kenyan authorities are also sealing Obama records until after the November 4 election.

What other records has the Obama campaign refused to release to the press and public?

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Source: Obama Birth Certificate: Obama Birth Certificate Sealed by State of Hawaii

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