As they say on Survivor “The tribe has spoken”, in this particular case, the tribe were Iowa Democrats. Using a process more akin to a Pagan ritual than modern voting the Iowa democrats have selected Obama as the next ‘chosen one’. The caucus system is so complex that those wishing to take part are urged to take a class on it first! Whatever happened to the good old idea of putting names on a piece of paper and counting them? He or she who has the most pits of paper wins. Of course it is mid winter in Iowa, with the temperatures hovering in the ‘damn cold’ range, and the snow swirling, who wouldn’t want to run around a school gymnasium?

The mostly white, mostly middle class, and mostly rural Iowa tribe have decided that Barack Obama is the best bet for the Democrats. In second place comes John Edwards. Edwards has fought long and hard, and is certainly not going to give up this race anytime soon.

In third place was Hillary Clinton, and if Kathleen Willey was telling the truth in her book Target, I’ll bet Hillary used a few choice words when the results were announced. I would not be surprised if she didn’t do a ‘Dog Chapman’, but she is way to smart to get caught on tape, so she likely won’t have to do penance with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Most of the pundits are claiming that the voters had a simple choice, Obama represented change, while Clinton represented experience. I guess they want change, or at least not Hillary’s kind of experience.

The circus now moves on to New Hampshire. What can these poor folks expect? Lots of aggressive negative TV and Radio ad’s are a ‘for sure’. Sugary speeches at shopping malls, baby kissing, etc, it is time to pull out all the stops.

There is no doubt that Hillary is going to have to start focusing on votes rather than the new color scheme for the Lincoln Bedroom, and how much she is going to charge for the B&B service that she offered the last time (according to Kathleen Willey) she had a 1600 Pennsylvania Ave address. Poor Bill is also probably crushed, he likely was already lining up interns!

You just have to love the American political system.

Simon Barrett

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