In a startling and frightening turn of political events. The Obama campaign officially requested United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Direct special prosecutor Nora Dannehy to investigate credible allegations George W. Bush’s administration may be participating in collusion with officials of the republican national committee and Senator John McCain’s campaign to suppress voter turnout in key swing states.
The Obama camp wants Dannehy who is already investigating republicans for voter suppression in the 2006 election to expand her investigation to include possible FBI improprieties surrounding voter fraud in the presidential race which may include directives that come from the oval office itself. Obama’s campaign attorney said the investigation should look into a leak to the news media that the FBI is probing allegations of voter registration fraud by a grassroots organization called ACORN.

Obama campaign General counsel Robert Bauer wrote to Attorney General Michael Mukasey just a day after the Associated Press, citing unidentified law enforcement officials. Reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was investigating ACORN.

Dannehy was the special prosecutor appointed by Mukasey to investigate improper political considerations that influenced the firings of nine U.S. attorneys. One U.S. Attorney lost his job in part for his refusal to pursue trumped up allegations of voter fraud against ACORN in the 2006 midterm election. Bauer alleges the FBI news leaks are part of a “coordinated effort by McCain’s presidential campaign and Republicans”. They are “fomenting specious vote-fraud allegations and there are disturbing indications of official involvement or collusion,” Bauer said.
“It is apparent,” he wrote, “that law enforcement officials are serving “improper political objectives” that could inhibit voter participation in the Nov. 4 election. The aim is to “suppress the vote and to unduly influence investigations and prosecutions,” Bauer claimed. It’s hard for this blogger to imagine John McCain has gone so far off the reservation, he knew of in advance or actually directed senior campaign staff’ to participate in this apparent attempt by the RNC and Bush white house to fix a United States Presidential election.

I am hopeful Senator McCain was unaware what his people were up to, That he has genuine plausible deniability when he is asked and he will be asked, Senator How much did you know and when did you know it.

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