Senator Obama’s acceptance speech this evening begins the very difficult task of transforming from a black candidate into the candidate who happens to be black, the blue collar working class democrats and independents who have yet to express support for the party nominee, are the same kind of folks who encourage their children to emulate Tiger woods’ and Michael Jordan, but for the most part they still see Senator Obama as the black candidate.

Tonight is an opportunity to begin speaking to them as the candidate who happens to be black, If and it’s a big if, he manages to dispel the deceptive image, skillfully crafted by John McCain’s swift boat operatives, of a radical black leftist with Muslim roots. They will begin to focus on the issues and differences between the two candidates, John McCain may find offering the electorate years of GOP experience is not quite the resume the people are looking for.

 War and rumors of war, a collapsing economy and corruption at the highest levels is a stench even Senator McCain’s sterling service as a POW is unable to mask. Privately even republicans winced when the candidates was candid enough to confess he doesn’t know much about economics or for that matter e-mail.

 Social conservatives who comprise the core of the GOP ,have made it clear John needs to tow the line when it comes to selection of a running mate, Karl Rove it is reported even made a point to call Joe Lieberman and warn him if asked his answer better be no. Because the GOP is unable to run on its record or offer anything but page after page of dismal failure and sheer incompetence, the singular hope of winning lay with possible disunity amongst democrats and painting Senator Obama as the “black” candidate with ” Muslim” roots.  

The Clinton’s dashed the former and it becomes the task of Senator Obama to dispel the latter which begins with his acceptance speech this evening.

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations  

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