The growing divide between Barack Obama and his base is being nourished by establishment republicans who see possible 2010 midterm pick up’s in close races. If the GOP is able to field some moderate congressional candidates, republicans may find a path out of the political wilderness in spite of the caustic rhetoric tossed out by the ultra conservative wing of the party.  

Since President Obama took office, most democratic leaders have repeatedly expressed in the echo chamber of cable networks that political reality obliges President Obama to distance himself from the multitude of promises candidate Obama made.  While his personal popularity remains exceptionally stable at 60%, party elders privately acknowledge a growing disconnect among the rank and file when it comes to the administrations behavior on issues from transparency to bail outs.  

If enough moderate republicans manage to prevail in primary challengers in swing States, they could actually stage a midterm upset by promising to make good on those promises the President and democrats repudiated. Even though ultra conservatives have become the national face of the grand old party in exile and the most current poll place the GOP at its lowest approval in history, congressional elections are down home affairs and folks like Sarah, Newt and Rush have less influence on local races than the cable pundits bestow on them.

Like most civil libertarians, I’m disappointed the President failed to carry through on campaign promises in respect to the rule of law, but l agree with the majority of Americans who are satisfied overall with the job he is doing. The public relationship between the administration and prominent voices of civil liberty like the A.C.L.U is becoming strained and adversarial, an unanticipated turn of events not lost on establishment republicans. While the President may continue to enjoy the affection of the American electorate, to retain control of the congress, democrats need to begin distancing themselves from the policies a growing chorus of rank and file and independents have begun to openly compare to that of George Bush in too many aspects.

Barack Obama owes his presidency in large part to his promise of a firestorm for change sweeping the halls of power, a firestorm he ignited. Should the closing months of 2010 find us pretty much where we are today and some moderate republican candidates begin effectively pointing out what a bunch of weak sisters and feckless good for nothings the Senate leadership seems to be, it’s quite possible it will be the opposition that opens up a can of industrial sized whip ass on the democrats this time around.

That’s my view yours may be different 

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