President Obama has been analyzed 8 ways to Sunday about his private life. If memory serves, he made a comment about what music he likes to listen to. In the world of sports his clear choice is Basketball. In the world of TV it is somewhat more complex. One has to use reverse logic. This article from 2006 explains it quite well.

What is an unknown is what happens in the privacy of his own pad at the White House. Does he watch reruns of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and The Cosby’s? Or does he go for Married With Children and The Honeymooners? These are questions that we may never know the answers to.

We do however have an idea about the books he reads. While many whine about his politics, no-one can argue with his choice of reading.


BNN has been unable to verify the source of the photo, AP refused to comment on the subject, and as of this time, neither FOX nor CNN have responded to phone calls. One can only assume that they are chasing down the story and don’t want to share it!

Personally I think the photo is legit. The book he is holding is Sam Moffie’s latest book To Kill The Duke.

One can only assume that Obama is indeed worried about CW II (Cold War Two). It is a sobering thought. Could Russia be targeting us again? Sam Moffie talks about Stalin and his attempt to kill John Wayne, but could this threat at concept level still be alive? Well known Sarah Palin explained that she can see Russia from her bedroom window!

Some might view this as unlikely. But there again none of us have her eyeballs, so she might be right. The DEW line worked fine for a while, but lets face it, it would be better having Palin looking out of her bedroom window.

Sam is so excited about Obama  being spotted with a copy of To Kill The Duke, he has decided to make the book available to everyone. You can now get a copy for under a dollar!It is not clear if you will require an eBama reader, or if it will work with just a regular device such as as the Nookbama or the Kindlebama. But for 99 cents, how can you go wrong? You can buy five copies of To Kill The Duke for less than a coffee at Starbucks! What a deal! I suspect that it may also be available in the popular PDF (Portable Democrat Format), version.

I have to admit that I had not realized what an avid fan of Obama that Sam is. Obviously I will be watching my P’s and Q’s when I  talk to him tomorrow! I am pretty sure that the secret is out. The question is… will the Republican wanna be’s do an Etch-A-Sketch rerun? There is a hot rumor that sales of To Kill The Duke are peaking in Wisconsin. Of course this is only a rumor.

Simon Barrett

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