Saw Barack Obama on Hannity and Colmes last nice responding to the Revered Wright’s radical sermons that have put Obama in hot water over the last couple of weeks.

From The Gathering Storm Blog

You know, watching his pained expression as he tried to toe a fine line almost makes me feel sorry for the man. Sorry because I think he is trying to take the high ground in this election – where in politics, there no such thing – and he truly believes in the basic goodness of his fellow man.

He can be seen as young and inexperienced and an idealist no matter which side of the aisle you come from. So why would he associate himself with the likes of a racist like Rev. Wright? How could an intelligent sensitive man have anything but contempt for such a man as Rev. Wright?

The answer lies not in Obama’s beliefs so much as society he was raised in.

You see, over the last 50 years this country and western society in general has seen it values slowly devolve into relativistic classless muddle. We’ve lost all sense of shame and guilt, believe that any value system, any ethical system, any philosophical or religious belief is equal to each other. Even our sense of conscience has been polluted by “Do your own thing’ and ‘If it feels good, do it’.

Raise a generation under such a value system and one can easily accept the most hideous of views.

Without a sense of shame or guilt, which we have lost almost entirely in western society, we have nothing to anchor us to or are able to form a crap detector and recognize crap when crap is served. Shame and guilt or feeling that one should not associate with such values and those that hold them has fallen upon the wayside in today’s society.

Obama’s sense of discrimination between what’s right and what is not is a direct result of our society.

And when you go too far, there are few consequences if you go on Operah and be forgiven.

To paraphrase Cassius in Julius Caesar – The Fault, America, Lies Not In Obama’s Stars. But In Ourselves.

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